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He’s Just Not That Into You

Urgh. It’s been a while since I’ve disliked a film as much as this. Well-known actors putting in awful performances of unlikeable characters, what’s to like?

I’d seen it before but I obviously decided that I no longer needed that memory. Still, it wasn’t long before I remembered why I hated it the first time: Ginnifer Goodwin playing one of the most naive, stupid characters committed to film; Justin Long (who I normally like) playing an omniscient smart-arse; and, umm, everyone else. They’re all that forgettable and dull.

It’s like a masterclass in how not to write likeable or realistic characters. I genuinely can’t think of one in the entire film. So yeah, don’t watch it. Or do, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Hopefully I’ll watch something that I’d actually like to watch soon, rather than relying on whatever’s on Film 4 that we can’t be bothered to turn off.


Sweet, charming, funny. Sorted.

Ok, the dialogue’s a little contrived and Jennifer Garner’s character puts me on edge whenever she’s on screen, but it’s hard not to love a film that has this much Moldy Peaches on the soundtrack.

This sums it up rather nicely, I think:


Marley & Me

It was about 5 minutes into Marley & Me that I realised I knew nothing about it, besides the fairly well-documented fate of…one of the main characters, shall we say? I was quite pleased about this, since it meant I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen at any point or when it was going to happen, or how.

I actually really enjoyed it. I’m an absolute sucker for animals in films so probably didn’t stand much of a chance, but I thought Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston were both really enjoyable throughout, and it was all quite charming, if not a little bit routine in places. It was definitely helped by not being the out-and-out comedy I originally thought it was when I heard about it, and a few moments genuinely surprised me with just how sad they were.

I was also a bit surprised when I first heard about the “ending” mentioned above, but now that I’ve actually seen it I’m a bit confused by people who didn’t see it coming during the course of the film. Yeah, ok, maybe it’s because I knew it was coming, but the film covers a huge passage of time, so surely it was to be expected by the end? I thought it was a fitting way to end the story, actually, despite the obvious sadness. The children crying though? Nearly killed me.

Monsters vs. Aliens

I’m normally a sucker for animated films, even when I’m spending half the film quietly working out in my head who did the voice for that guy about 9 minutes in, but this is one of the very few that did absolutely nothing for me. Worryingly, the first thing that comes to mind when I look for reasons as to why, is the fact that there’s no ‘cute’ character. That says more about me than I’d really like it to.

So, there’s a really tall, strong woman that nearly married an idiot, the Missing Link and a mad scientist cockroach – none of which really had much in the way of personality – and then B.O.B., the gooey thing without a brain. I liked B.O.B. because he was stupid and consequently had all the funny lines, and also probably because he was voiced by Seth Rogen. I’m struggling to think of personality traits for any other character and I can’t even remember hearing the name of the villain. Come to think of it, I can barely remember what actually happened during the course of the film.

It’s not great, then. And no, I’m not exactly the target audience, but I can watch pretty much every Pixar film up to now and you’ll probably not hear a peep out of me for an hour and a half. Much like the children they’re made for.

I Am Legend

I always seem to find myself looking forward to Will Smith films. I like him; He’s chosen some really good roles and had some really good performances. I feel like the snobby film fans are tutting disapprovingly and shaking their heads at me whenever I say that I like him, though. Am I just being paranoid? Is Will Smith recognised as a good actor? Or is he just one of those actors that appears in really big films and no one really knows why? Has this just made my opinion on films null and void? It’s a great start to a supposedly year-long series of my opinions on films if so. I like him, anyway. I don’t care what you think. Get your own blog. Leave me alone.

I like I Am Legend as well. Sort of, anyway; I like about two thirds of I Am Legend. Maybe three fifths, actually. It’s a good film for about an hour and then it completely falls apart in the third act, and it’s so frustrating. My main issue is with the fact that it spectacularly missed the point of what ‘I Am Legend’ meant in the original story, despite having bags of opportunity to do it justice. I don’t mind if the plan was to take the original story and twist it into something new, but the original (now ‘alternate’) ending was a lot closer to the events that took place in the book, and, as annoying as it is that this ending tested badly (it’s still a better ending), it’s not really surprising that it did when it’s almost presented as a ‘twist’ in what is very close to the final scene.

I did take major issue with the use of CGI “darkseekers” the first time I saw the film too, but I’ve since discovered that the original plan was to use actual people in prosthetics until it transpired they looked shit (Or something along those lines), so I’ll let that slide a bit. They do still look shit though, which is a bit disappointing when you think how different it would have been if the creatures had actually been a bit scary.

That said, I did enjoy most of the film, and it’s problems aren’t so bad that they ruin it. I’d still recommend watching the alternate ending if you can, though.

A plan for 2012

I spent some time yesterday debating whether or not to attempt the whole ‘One a day’ business again. I’m not entirely sure why; I spent a horrifying amount of time staring at a blank ‘Add New Post’ screen on the WordPress backend last year and I seriously doubt I’d make it anywhere near six months if I tried again. Obviously, I decided against it.

I have been looking for an excuse to start using this site again though, so I’ve decided to attempt something much less time-consuming, that will mean I can update the site a little more regularly. It’s nice and simple, and an idea I’ve had for ages: A film diary.

I have no idea why I’ve been wanting to do it for so long, but for some reason I quite like the idea of looking back of the films I watched over the course of a year. That would obviously lead to incredibly short and quite dull blog entries, so I’ll fill them out a bit with my thoughts on the film. I don’t plan on writing a full, in-depth review, just some of my first thoughts and feelings.

I’m hoping that writing something more frequently (and without spending 2 hours trying to think of anything to write) will mean I can write about something a little more interesting during the year too. I have a lot of gaming-related thoughts bouncing around my head almost constantly, so I’d like to write a few of those down as well. Either way, I’m hoping to write a lot more stuff here in 2012. Sorry about that.