I always seem to find myself looking forward to Will Smith films. I like him; He’s chosen some really good roles and had some really good performances. I feel like the snobby film fans are tutting disapprovingly and shaking their heads at me whenever I say that I like him, though. Am I just being paranoid? Is Will Smith recognised as a good actor? Or is he just one of those actors that appears in really big films and no one really knows why? Has this just made my opinion on films null and void? It’s a great start to a supposedly year-long series of my opinions on films if so. I like him, anyway. I don’t care what you think. Get your own blog. Leave me alone.

I like I Am Legend as well. Sort of, anyway; I like about two thirds of I Am Legend. Maybe three fifths, actually. It’s a good film for about an hour and then it completely falls apart in the third act, and it’s so frustrating. My main issue is with the fact that it spectacularly missed the point of what ‘I Am Legend’ meant in the original story, despite having bags of opportunity to do it justice. I don’t mind if the plan was to take the original story and twist it into something new, but the original (now ‘alternate’) ending was a lot closer to the events that took place in the book, and, as annoying as it is that this ending tested badly (it’s still a better ending), it’s not really surprising that it did when it’s almost presented as a ‘twist’ in what is very close to the final scene.

I did take major issue with the use of CGI “darkseekers” the first time I saw the film too, but I’ve since discovered that the original plan was to use actual people in prosthetics until it transpired they looked shit (Or something along those lines), so I’ll let that slide a bit. They do still look shit though, which is a bit disappointing when you think how different it would have been if the creatures had actually been a bit scary.

That said, I did enjoy most of the film, and it’s problems aren’t so bad that they ruin it. I’d still recommend watching the alternate ending if you can, though.

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