I’m writing this on my phone, in the car, just outside London, I believe. For fairly obvious reasons, I find this amazing.

I don’t have anything interesting to write, but the 3G connection has been fairly good so far, so I thought I’d try to fire a quick post out to lighten the load when I get back.

The journey so far has mostly involved the last third of Simon Pegg’s Nerd Do Well – which is excellent, after a slow start – and my girlfriend singing loudly.

The weather is looking increasingly grim as we get further south, which is fine as long as this trend reverses once we leave the country, and I don’t get wet on the ferry. I tend to go a bit ‘drowned rat.’

Anyway, I’ll wrap this up now as we are pulling into some services for a wee break; that’s Scottish for ‘small’, or, in this case, another word for ‘piss.’

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