I spent a lot of time today doing something I’ve not done for a long, long time: No, not doing work – don’t be ridiculous – I read and participated with people in a forum. Scary stuff.

In the build up to and shortly after Half-Life 2’s release I used to post fairly regularly at HalfLife2.net, posting a rather terrifying 1,239 times. I still check the site every now and then, but I very rarely check the forum for the same reason I avoid comment sections – the people who often use them fill me with a violent rage.

I ventured into the Project Zomboid forums today, initially to see if people had been experiencing the issues I was, and stuck around for quite a while to read some other people’s thoughts. Unfortunately, despite a promising start – people being helpful and nice ideas being discussed – an overwhelming wave of familiarity has since descended.

What worries me more, though, is the fact that I don’t seem to be able to stop reading. For some reason I want to help that nice new guy with his problem while simultaneously making that cocky argumentative prick look stupid. Gah. People, eh?

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  1. Forums are such a timesink. Even moreso than Twitter. That said, I do miss the feeling of belonging to one. RIP, good old days of Punktastic.

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