Due to the bouts of rage brought on by Firefox 4, I have decided to switch back to Chrome for a short while to see how I adjust. It’s actually look quite promising so far, even without the bookmarks toolbar, which I decided to disable to save some space.

I find it odd how many habits I have while using the computer, mainly shortcuts I rely on; I’ll type any short or easy to type URL and press CMD-Enter instead of using the link in my bookmarks; it’s very rare I’ll actually click to open a new tab over pressing CMD-T; and a rather worryingly over-reliance on Alfred now that I’ve got used to it.

The main reason using my PC again was so strange was because I’d adjusted to the MacBook Pro trackpad and gestures; the amount of times I swipe four of my fingers down it to use Exposé is terrifying, frankly. I still struggle using a mouse with OS X now, but thankfully I have a wired keyboard now, so there’s a key for it at least.

I’ll persevere though: Even after having used it before, Chrome still seems blisteringly fast compared to Firefox, and I’ve always preferred the look of Webkit browsers anyway. I still have 1Password and the CTRL key is only two away from CMD, so it can’t be that hard to adjust, right? Right?!

Chrome ought to triumph anyway; I’ve just doubled the amount of RAM in this computer, so definitely going to be faster now. As long as it doesn’t freeze every time there’s a hint of Javascript to deal with, I’ll be happy. That’s right, Firefox, you useless shit.

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