Only six of us managed to play football today, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. For one, I didn’t actually feel knackered at any point, and it helped that played better than I normally do. i.e just a bit shit.

Due to Luke’s impromptu announcement that headed goals would count twice, there was a good deal of interruptions so he could have another crack at crossing it or getting his head on a cross. A few fantastic headers were scored (none by me), and Jimmy picked up a rib injury scoring a beauty of diving header. I’m not entirely sure he regrets it.

Even better, my Formula One-watching crony Baz turned up with his camera and took a few pictures. I’m feeling quite knackered tonight though and my brain is refusing to work, so I will leave you with this; Consider it proof that I do actually play football:

I don’t usually look that short and deformed, honest.

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