Whoops. I appear to have missed yesterday’s entry. I wrote one and clicked to publish it, I’m guessing it was delayed due to the bank holiday, that’s a good story, right? Excellent.

I had a great weekend, which is rare when I actually get them off. I tend to spend them wasting time, playing games and other such things, but I spent Saturday in Leeds for my cousin’s wedding – which was lovely – and then made our way home on Sunday where I had a series of amazing naps on the sofa before getting up and playing on Portal 2 with my lovely girlfriend.

On Monday, our parents came over for a barbeque. My mum and dad brought my niece and nephew, and I didn’t kill anyone with my cooking*. Booze was drunk, and a good time was had by all. Perfick.

* So far**.

** As far as I’m aware, I’ve not spoke to my parents since.

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