I don’t know how this happened. A few years ago I was quite happy mocking Formula One for being mind-numbingly boring, which is quite damning from someone who loved it a few years before. Now I find myself counting down the days to the next Grand Prix, having got up at stupid o’ clock in the morning to watch the previous three….and I’m watching a DVD of the previous season as I write this.

I genuinely don’t know what has changed. Obviously, the rules to F1 have changed dramatically since I was last an avid supporter, but I was excited about this season before the drivers had completed a lap. I think having enjoyable discussions with old friends that I felt I’d lost tough with has helped, I feel like we have something in common again, and it’s something we’re quite passionate about, even if that passion is something of a surprise to even me.

I think the Formula One game has helped; as I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a fan. The last time I followed the happenings of Formula One there was a game that I had difficulty turning off, so maybe it’s because if I can reenact the races myself I feel like I can enjoy them more. I’ve been watching this DVD for a while now and I haven’t felt the need to turn it off and play on the game, though, so I clearly enjoy something else besides that.

Maybe it’s the way the cars handle, or appear to – like they’re literally cutting through the air and gliding through corners, maybe it’s because the drivers have to be incredibly disciplined, but aggressive and bold if/when the time comes, or maybe it’s the sound of those engines.

It’s probably all of that, mind. Either way, I can’t get enough.

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