I know I’ve posted about my excitement for a Zombie-related game before but, well, I don’t really care; I’m intrigued by this game, so I’m going to post about it. I found out about it after it was posted over at SavyGamer earlier today, and it’s called…wait for it, because it’s fucking briliant…Project Zomboid*.

It’s an indie game and it’s only just been announced, so there’s a chance that it’ll be terrible**, but given that I’ve told anyone who’ll listen how good this sort of game would be, I’m finding it hard not to be excited. Details are a bit thin on the ground, as you’d expect for a game that’s just been announced, but the planned features sound incredible. Also, it’s got a retro-style isometric view, look:

You can find the fantastic plans for it at the developer blogs here and here.There is one thing that’s really annoying me about it though; it’s not out yet and I really, really want to play on it. Now go buy it, so the developers can afford to eat – you only need to donate £5 at the moment to get updates for life, so you’ve got no excuse.

* For now anyway, don’t ruin it for me.

** Though most of the indie games I’ve played have been superb, especially those included in the Humble Indie Bundle.

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