Once again I almost forgot to write something here, it actually feels like I’ve not written anything for ages for some reason; I panicked for a second earlier when I thought I’d forgotten to write something yesterday. It was horrifying.

Anyway, I’ve been a bit distracted with work tonight, and just as it quietened down a little my girlfriend decided, for no particular reason as far as I’m aware, to play around on the Alienware website and try to build an sickeningly expensive computer. It was distracting. It came to about £6k, by the way, unfortunately it won’t be here soon.

I’m far too tired* to write anything interesting tonight though (NO CHANGE THERE! HAHA), so this is all you’re getting. I’m also feeling a bit fucking depressed because United 93 is on and we’ve just been discussing how difficult it is to comprehend a plane full of people practically turning into dust on impact, as well as the utter fucking morons posting vile things on Twitter about regarding Japan and Pearl Harbour. Scum. Sub-human scum.

On a more upbeat note:

* Lazy

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