I read the article I’m about to link to a few days ago and it made me quite angry; I was originally going to link it in with a few other articles I’ve read which showcase the utter, diabolical fuckwittery our current government are not only capable of, but are acting out, but I wouldn’t get to the end of that post without smashing my laptop up and throwing a cat out of the window*. Also, I’m not really feeling up to writing anything tonight, so I can post it on its own and distract you fools from the fact that I’m not really writing anything myself. HA! Idiots.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!**

“I would love to see tax reductions,” David Cameron told an interviewer at the weekend, “but when you’re borrowing 11 per cent of your GDP, it’s not possible to make significant net tax cuts. It just isn’t.” Oh no? Then how come he’s planning the biggest and crudest corporate tax cut in living memory?


* We don’t even have a cat. That’s how angry it would make me; I’d find the nearest cat and throw it out of a window.

* It’s scientifically impossible to enjoy that article, unless you’re a soulless scumbag. Or a member of our current government. Oh wait, THEY’RE THE SAME THING!

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