I almost forgot to write an entry tonight. Again. I blame Sean Lock. We were initially going to watch Inception tonight but changed our minds when we realised we had to adjust the volume every 4 seconds so we could hear what they were saying/not get deafened, and ended up watching Lockipedia. I’ve only every seen Sean Lock on panel show stuff but he’s always made me laugh, and – somewhat unsurprisingly – he’s very, very funny; I even did one of those laughs where you don’t make a noise, maybe a squeak if you’re lucky/unlucky (delete as appropriate) – he’s that good!

Anyway, I’d much rather be playing on Bayonetta than trying desperately to think of something interesting to say here, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve been really shit at writing anything of note lately, but I do have decent entries in me, promise, I just keeping it really late so I can’t be bothered. Like now.


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