Today is the first day of 18 days off work, and two hours ago I was dangerously bored. This should be fun. There’s no particular reason for the time off; I had holidays to take, so I took them while I could. This does, of course, mean that I don’t have much of an excuse for shitty entries over the next few weeks, not that that’ll stop me, though.

So, two weeks off work and no plans. What to do? Well, there’s a picture that needs hanging in the living room, and the dining room radiator needs painting, I reckon that’ll take me a week or so. Worryingly, I’ve just bought Red Dead Redemption again, and I grabbed the Undead Nightmare collection while it was cheap. There’s also the steering wheel that should arrive early next week. Shit.

In all seriousness, there are quite a few things that I want to do while I have the time off to concentrate; finish up a website I’ve been working on for an age, and hopefully get started with my own. After far too much time off, I’ve started really enjoying doing some design work again, so I’m hoping I can throw myself into it again and get lots done while I have the time. Besides Getting Stuff Doneā„¢, I’d like to get out of the house a little bit. I enjoy working from home for the reasons that a lot of people think they would, but it’s definitely not without it’s disadvantages; the lack of company being a huge one (while my girlfriend is at work anyway), so I’ll go visit some friends and catch up. A few visits to the pub are quite likely too.

I’m trying to write this short and agonizingly dull entry now for that very reason, in fact; it’s my friend’s birthday tonight, so I need to write this now before I forget and have to write it at 2am while inebriated, because nobody wants that. NOBODY. So, expect a hungover entry tomorrow, followed by a series of apologetic and shit entries for the next two weeks. Everyone wins!

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