There are three very good reasons why I would like a dog. I give you Exhibit A:

Little Molly

This lovely little creature is Molly, my parents’ dog. She is probably the softest dog I have ever known, to the point where on occasions she has ducked behind my legs when another dog barked at her. She very much enjoys wresting with people, especially with my Dad. Said wrestling has led to her giving me a nosebleed on several occasions, the clumsy ape.

Exhibit B:


This gorgeous little fella is Skipper, my girlfriend’s dog. Skipper was a grumpy little thing, but once he decided he could trust me, he was a lovely little bastard. He spent a good chunk of last year living with us, initially while my girlfriend’s parents were on holiday, but we ended up looking after him for a good while after. Unfortunately, after a good 17 years, he died in September. I miss his grumpy little face.

And Exhibit C:


This adorable little guy is Mac, my friend’s dog. The more observant of you will have noticed that he is a puppy, and that he is very cute. I spent a good few hours on Monday playing fetch with him. His Bordie Collie instincts have now kicked in, so he was being especially adorable while waiting for me to throw the ball.

Those, dear readers, are why I would very much like a dog when we return from our holiday in July. I apologise in advance for the amount of pictures I will be posting should that happen.

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