My biggest apprehension about doing this whole One a Day thing was my writing ability; I can write, sure – in the sense that I understand ‘the the at Wednesday’ isn’t a real sentence, but, from a technical standpoint, I’m very confident that I’m quite shit, or quite confident that I’m very shit, you decide. I have absolutely no recollection of being taught how to construct a good sentence, or a bad sentence for that matter*, so I feel like the vast majority of my use of punctuation and grammar is from things I’ve read and subconsciously picked up.

It’s not that I think my writing is bad, I’m just fairly sure it isn’t particularly good. For example, I have a tendency to go crazy with commas. My job has led me to read many a sentence so bereft of punctuation that I’ve felt short of breath just reading it in my head, so I tend to overcompensate with very liberal use, of, commas (HA!). I figure a sentence with too many commas is infinitely easier to read than one without any. Right now I’m obsessing over the third sentence in this paragraph, it’s a hard life.

I suppose my lack of writing confidence is also the reason why I felt that I should attempt One a Day. I initially planned to update once a week, giving myself plenty of time to think of something to write about and have a little depth to each post, but writing anything beyond a few hundred words just makes me anxious that I’m not making any sense, not to mention the pressure to write about something interesting – I’d have a whole week to think of something to write about! Writing a post every day means I’ve had to think of something and just let the words pour out, knowing that I have to do it today, and not thinking, ‘Oh, I’ll just write it tomorrow’.

I feel that I can say with some degree of confidence now, that I wouldn’t have ever hit the ‘publish’ button on the posts I wrote prior to One a Day; I’m far too much of a perfectionist** to put my name to something that I didn’t think had beautifully flowing prose and structure, or that I even had anything interesting to say. Having to write something every day means I don’t have time to worry about whether I’ve misused a semi-colon or gone a little comma-crazy, I just get to write about something and share my thoughts, which is exactly all I wanted to do before. It’s only ten days in, but I’ve found the experience very therapeutic so far, and I actually look forward to writing it each day. Here’s to another 355 posts, eh.

* Not that that really makes any sense.

** As in, I hate everything I do, because it doesn’t meet the bizarre non-existent standards I subconsciously set for myself.

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