I mentioned a few posts back that I made the switch from PC to Mac a while ago, but I feel absolutely no loyalty to either. I read a lot of websites that update about various things related to the two – games, web design, technology in general – and I can guarantee that any post that even hints at a comparison between them, no matter how vague, will include an idiot making a comment about the superiority of their chosen platform. Having used Windows for many, many years before switching to Mac, I have no idea why.

I made the switch because of my interest in design. There’s absolutely nothing to stop anyone from getting into design using Windows, but having used some of the software that is only available on Mac, and the fact that I fell in love with the look and feel of OS X, I wanted to make the switch. I love my Macbook Pro, but I don’t feel the need to slag off Windows at every opportunity because of it, although if Apple are willing to pay me, I might. Or Microsoft, I’m not fussy.

My PC is considerably more powerful than my Macbook Pro, and probably cost about half as much. I let out an audible sigh whenever someone who uses OS X says, “It just works!”. My PC works. Ok, it’s crashed several thousand more times than the Mac (once in just over a year), but I’ve owned it a hell of a lot longer, and it’s to be expected when all the hardware inside it is made by different manufacturers. It doesn’t crash often, and if your PC does, you need to get it checked out. Or you shouldn’t have bought a Dell.

The annoying thing is both Microsoft and Apple piss me off; I would deserve every minute of my several life-sentences if i was locked in a room with the Apple marketing team, and to their credit, Microsoft did a brilliant job of matching them with their latest campaign. Let’s just get this clear, loyal users – both Apple and Microsoft are huge corporations that do what they do – and I can’t stress this enough – to make money. Neither of these companies reward loyalty, and both take advantage of it. This bizarre ‘my choice is better than yours’ thing is a lose-lose situation.

I once got approached by a friend who asked me to convince him to get an iPhone. For some reason, he assumed because I had one that I wanted the rest of the world to have one. I said, “No”, and, deflated, he said, “Oh. Why not?” After explaining that I couldn’t give a shit what phone he has, I told him to get one; He clearly wanted one. I like my phone, but come contract-renewal time, I’ll take a look and decide if there is a better option. It would be incredibly stupid to sign an 18/24 month contract for an obscene an amount of money only to get whichever phone has/hasn’t an Apple logo on the back.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if your loyalty involves the exchange of large quantities of money to a company that is worth billions of dollars, it’s not called “loyalty”- it’s called “stupidity”. That said, I really want an iPad.

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  1. I don’t think a lot of people get that different people can have vastly different experiences with the same piece of technology. After having owned a Mac, and having used them at work and school, I would never own another one. Every one I’ve ever used crashed almost hourly, and ran excruciatingly slowly. I’ve owned several Windows machines now, and have found them to be way more reliable and, ironically, user friendly.

    But that’s just my experience, and I don’t doubt that other people who use Macs have wonderful experiences with them. It’s just a matter of finding what works for you, not swearing loyalty to one side or the other.

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