I feel a little bit bad that I forgot to mention the whole charity thing yesterday – I was a bit hungover, not sure I mentioned that. Anyway, Pete, the lovely One a Day organiser has created a JustGiving page so that you fantastic readers can donate money to us hard-working writers – the vast majority of us have quit our day jobs to ensure the highest level of quality for our One a Day posts, even those who aren’t updating once a day.

I’ll be honest, I originally thought that the money would be put to much better use if it was donated to a great cause like Cancer Research UK, but I’ve come round to the idea a little bit – Christmas is a very expensive time of year and I’ve got bills and a mortgage to pay, plus my girlfriend has really taken to collecting Fabergé eggs and eating caviar throughout the day.

So I urge you, reader- give generously. Don’t do it for the lovely feeling you’ll get for having donated money to a good cause, do it so my girlfriend can keep living in the lifestyle she’s accustomed to; do it so I can carry on this lovely, lovely crack habit I’ve developed (nobody wants to worry where their next fix is coming from, do they?). Who knows, maybe if you donate enough I’ll finally reveal that cure for cancer that I’ve been working on for the last 10 years – oh, how you’ll laugh when you realise how obvious it is! HAHAHA!

Alternatively, if you’re particularly fussy and don’t think my enjoyment of hard drugs is a worthy enough cause, you can click the SocialVibe link in the sidebar and you can help To Write Love On Her Arms – a non-profit movement offering help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. There’s no good excuse not to, frankly.

I expect most of you haven’t made it this far as you’ve already run off to fetch your wallet ready to make a sizable donation, but I’m sure those of you who are still around will agree that there’s plenty of good reason to donate, especially if you’re reading the posts at the One a Day blog and practically drowning in lovely new content every day. So, y’know, please do.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The above post contains a minor factual inaccuracy: My girlfriend does not eat caviar throughout the day; she’s a vegetarian.

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