Here you can find all the games I’ve created for my adventure in game development.

Fair warning: Most of these games are poor, but are designed to be prototypes and tests while I learn the ropes. They’re here to document my progress more than anything else.

First person

A first-person game in which you can walk around and collect pickups.

FirstPerson 2013-04-15 16-44-49-13

There isn’t really any gameplay here, to be honest. You *can* walk around and collect pickups to increase your score, but nothing really happens. It’s the first thing I made, though, so I’m quite pleased with it.

Based on this tutorial over at ActiveTuts.

Use the mouse to look around
WASD keys to move forwards, backwards and sideways.
Press Esc in web player to get mouse focus back.

Play via browser: Web (Requires Unity web player, opens in new window/tab)
Download: Windows | Mac

Point and Click

Click on the shapes and earn points. Simple as that.

PointAndClick 2013-04-15 16-27-26-24

This is based on a tutorial by the Walker Boys. I decided to add random movement and rotation to shapes, as well as losing a point for letting one go off-screen.

Use your mouse, click on the shapes

Play via browser:
Web (Requires Unity web player, opens in new window/tab)
Download: Windows | Mac