Hello. I’m Ash, and this is my blog.

It all started with the whole ‘One a Day‘ thing in 2011; My friend Ian took part in One a Day 2010, and I spent most of it thinking, “God, this is shit, I could do a lot better than these half-baked, unintelligible rantings.”* So I gave it a go. I failed, which was inevitable really, but it at least took a two week holiday to bring it about.

Now it’s just an archive of those posts with the odd random brain fart or rant about gaming (hilariously, the most under-populated area, given how much time I’ve spent playing/talking about games). There’s even another idea that failed, even more miserably than the One a Day thing. A pattern is emerging.

Note: It’s January 2013 now and I *will* find a use for this site. It might not be in 2013, though.

* I didn’t think any of those things. Not about Ian’s blog anyway.