Hello. My last post here was about a game I really enjoyed, so in the name of balance, this post contains a couple of terrible games –  unfortunately, I made them.

After many, many years of playing games and a lot of time saying I’m going to try and make one, I’ve decided to actually do something about it. I’ve said that before, mind, but the difference this time is that I’ve been learning the ropes for the last month or so and I only seem to be spending more time doing it, and get this – enjoying it!

The other difference is Unity. I’ve poked around and got confused by a ridiculous amount of different game engines and development tools before, but Unity has managed to find that perfect balance of being (relatively) easy to use/learn and having the power to actually make something decent. The support on the website is amazing and the community is really helpful. Plus, ‘Unity Community’ sounds really good when you say it out loud. And how’s this for a lovely coincidence – Thomas Was Alone, the game I wrote about the last time I updated, was built using Unity.

Anyway, thanks to some helpful guides, I’ve built a few games that I’ve decided to post here. They’re not particularly exciting – they’re barely even fun – but I wanted to document my progress and thought this would be a nice way of doing it.

My plan is to go through a few more guides that touch on subjects I’d like to learn more about, then I’ll try building something new. It’ll be basic – like a simple flash game – but it’ll be mine and built from scratch, so I’m a bit excited.

You can find them here for now. They’re all playable in-browser (with the Unity web player) and on Windows and Mac, so you’ve got no excuse not to play them and tell me how awful they are.

Also, please let me know if there are any broken links.

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