It was about 5 minutes into Marley & Me that I realised I knew nothing about it, besides the fairly well-documented fate of…one of the main characters, shall we say? I was quite pleased about this, since it meant I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen at any point or when it was going to happen, or how.

I actually really enjoyed it. I’m an absolute sucker for animals in films so probably didn’t stand much of a chance, but I thought Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston were both really enjoyable throughout, and it was all quite charming, if not a little bit routine in places. It was definitely helped by not being the out-and-out comedy I originally thought it was when I heard about it, and a few moments genuinely surprised me with just how sad they were.

I was also a bit surprised when I first heard about the “ending” mentioned above, but now that I’ve actually seen it I’m a bit confused by people who didn’t see it coming during the course of the film. Yeah, ok, maybe it’s because I knew it was coming, but the film covers a huge passage of time, so surely it was to be expected by the end? I thought it was a fitting way to end the story, actually, despite the obvious sadness. The children crying though? Nearly killed me.

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