I spent some time yesterday debating whether or not to attempt the whole ‘One a day’ business again. I’m not entirely sure why; I spent a horrifying amount of time staring at a blank ‘Add New Post’ screen on the WordPress backend last year and I seriously doubt I’d make it anywhere near six months if I tried again. Obviously, I decided against it.

I have been looking for an excuse to start using this site again though, so I’ve decided to attempt something much less time-consuming, that will mean I can update the site a little more regularly. It’s nice and simple, and an idea I’ve had for ages: A film diary.

I have no idea why I’ve been wanting to do it for so long, but for some reason I quite like the idea of looking back of the films I watched over the course of a year. That would obviously lead to incredibly short and quite dull blog entries, so I’ll fill them out a bit with my thoughts on the film. I don’t plan on writing a full, in-depth review, just some of my first thoughts and feelings.

I’m hoping that writing something more frequently (and without spending 2 hours trying to think of anything to write) will mean I can write about something a little more interesting during the year too. I have a lot of gaming-related thoughts bouncing around my head almost constantly, so I’d like to write a few of those down as well. Either way, I’m hoping to write a lot more stuff here in 2012. Sorry about that.

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