Well, this isn’t good. I’m finding it genuinely difficult to both remember, and find the energy to write something here since the holiday. The holiday itself has actually been really good in terms of my general laziness. That is, I don’t keep thinking, “Oh, I’ll do it later” to everything I ought to do. Maybe that’s why this feels like so much more effort than it was before, or it could be just because I haven’t gone back to work yet, so I don’t fully feel like I’ve adjusted to being back home.

Anyway, this was taken on the third day of the holiday, after a short period of rain in the evening. It was 44º on the day we arrived, and only slightly lower the day after, so rain was very welcome by this point. We even got a nice lightning show after we ate and sat in the garden.

It’s not the greatest picture, but I like it. For reference, this is the vast majority of the village we were staying in. Our gîte was on the right down a small path and a barn.

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