At 1am last night I finished work until the 13th of July. It would be an understatement to say that this makes me happy, but what makes me happier is knowing that I will be in France in a few days by the private pool in 35 degree sun, if the forecast is to be believed.

It’s going abroad that makes me realise how I spend way, way too much time on the internet. The weather isn’t particularly exciting to me if I’m honest, the idea of sitting around with nothing to do but read a good book or play on the DS is infinitely more interesting to me.

Even if it’s just a two day trip somewhere away from home, I get an excited buzz packing three or four books that I’ll never have enough time to read. It baffles me that I don’t get this feeling at home: I’ve had Simon Pegg’s autobiography, Nerd Do Well, since my birthday at the beginning of March and I’m still only about two thirds of the way through. I’ll have read it within an hour of arriving at our gîte.

If I’d thought this through, I would’ve asked for recommendations a few weeks back, but I’m an idiot. Thankfully, I still haven’t read Catch 22 or Down and out in Paris and London since I bought them about 5 years ago, so after I’ve read Ninteen Eighty-Four for the eight millionth time, I’ll start them. Or not.

In summary: Woo, Books! Yay, holiday!

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