These days you can’t go anywhere on the internet without happening across a game being developed by one man and his small terrier dog called Larry. It’s time for indie games to shine, apparently. Still, it’s nice when something good happens on the internet to reverse some of the monstrous shit that happens in the Youtube comments sections.

It’s great to see some of these games have a lot of success too: World of Goo is fantastic; Super Meat Boy made me want to throw my Xbox out of the window, but I didn’t because that wouldn’t have been enough to ease the frustration (in a good way); and I’ve made no secret of my love for Project Zomboid, which, incidentally, has a free demo available now, so you’ve got no excuse to not play on it.

David Rosen, one of the people behind the awesome Humble Indie Bundle (and Wolfire games), posted a link to a game that, despite being in pre-alpha (version 0.1) – pretty much the earliest playable stage a game can be at – is showing a lot of potential. Running With Rifles doesn’t sound like anything special – “Running with rifles is a 3D warfare PC-game with solid action/stealth/tactics flavor.” – but is somehow amazing fun. It’s also free to play at the moment, so I suggest you try it.

Lastly, I will leave you with this:

Indie Game: The Movie is a feature documentary about video games, their creators and the craft. The film follows the dramatic journeys of indie game developers as they create their games, and as they release those works, and themselves, to the world.


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