Hello. Did you see those shamelessly lazy posts I did yesterday? You didn’t? Oh. Well, that’s good. Let’s move on, shall we?

So, it was Father’s day yesterday. I had a lovely day and I’m not even a father, I’m not sure that’s even allowed now that I think about it, sorry dads! Rather predictably, I went to see my parents – mainly for my dad if I’m being honest – and we ate a bit of food and sat in the garden.

In a hilarious turn of events, my sister sat between me and my dad on the swinging hammock and snapped the wooden support it was hanging from, throwing my dad’s beer in the air and making us all slide into each other. It would have been the easiest £250 we ever made if someone had been filming it. Instead, it’s stuck in our brains where it will remain a worthless memory. Stupid brains.

It was a nice day though: My dad and I got to share our frustration at iTunes; my sister broke a chair and got the giggles; my mum pretended to ignore me for a while, after I mocked her for being on the phone for 40 minutes to me the other day; and my niece wore one of my nephew’s toys as a hat and danced around at the top of the stairs. Y’know, the usual.

It’s a shame that my girlfriend was stuck at stupid work earning stupid money, so we can pay the stupid mortgage. Whose bright idea was that, eh? Ours? Yeah, that sounds about right. Idiots.

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