This will be the second entry within a week that I forgot to do because I was too busy doing Things What I Should Be Doing. That really shouldn’t be something that I’m impressed with, should it?

I forgot how long the process of building a website can be when you’re starting completely from scratch. I have the design almost done, but the code I had written before wasn’t really up to the job and there was still all the “working” elements that needed figuring out – slideshows etc. That’s what I spent the vast majority of yesterday doing.

I genuinely enjoy building websites once the design is finished and I normally rush in before I’ve worked everything out. It’s not the best way of doing things and normally means I have to backtrack over some things at some point, but yesterday I used a basic WordPress installation to work out how I was going to build and implement all the complicated elements of the design before I started writing all the basic code. It was still mostly enjoyable, but getting very close to working something out and then realising it doesn’t work at all isn’t fun.

Still, work is underway now. I honestly don’t know why I had these periods where I get very little done; I enjoy doing this sort of work and having big gaps between doing it just means I forget really basic stuff, which makes it harder to actually get better. I’m a bit anxious about having to use Photoshop since it’s been so long since I’ve used it for a full design. I am an idiot.

Anyway, I don’t like writing these entries because they’re dull, so I’ll stop writing it. Right about now. No, wait. Now.

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