Due to circumstances beyond my control (or laziness, I forget which) I haven’t managed to write an extra 14 entries here prior to our holiday in France. In fact, this is the entry for the 14th. Don’t panic, though, I have a plan!

The plan, brilliant in it’s simplicity, is to not update for 14 days. There. Brilliant, isn’t it? I’m not giving up though. I intend (read: hope) to write an entry while away and add an extra one of these every day when I got back, alongside my scheduled entries. Two a day! Imagine that!

If we arrive and I’m able to get access to the internet I’ll obviously be able to update this anyway, but I’m not holding out much hope of that. In fact, I’ll be quite disappointed; I’m looking forward to having a few weeks away from the internet and it’s distractions. Despite being on holiday, I’m hoping I can do something productive in that time, even if “productive” ends up meaning “finishing Catch-22.”

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