In a bizarre turn of events, I managed to miss yesterday’s entry due to being absorbed in work. In an even more bizarre twist, I was actually enjoying it. Obviously, it wasn’t the job I get paid for, that would be insane, but the work I’d like to get paid for – web design.

I’ve mentioned my annoying habit of trying my hand at everything and failing on here before, but I decided to be sensible after I bought Xcode two nights ago – I’m not going to touch it until I finish the websites I’ve been working on for an age. Once they’re done, I’ll start reading up on it.¬†Admittedly, this is partly because my brain would melt if I tried to do both.

I’m currently one website down with three (possibly just two) to go, two of which I haven’t even started designing, so it may be a while before I get to open Xcode. On a more positive note, the extra RAM has got my Macbook Pro running like a bastard (in a good way) so it doesn’t feel like a chore to do work anymore. It even managed to run Half-Life 2 at 60 FPS on medium-high settings, which hasn’t even been a distraction yet. Amazing scenes.

Dull update entry: done. Coffee is required. Lots of coffee.

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