I currently feel like I’m in some sort of information-induced coma due Microsoft and Apple holding their respective conferences at the same time, which is odd because despite some of the tech being showcased, I feel mostly indifferent about most of it; well, mainly the Xbox stuff. I’ve only really caught the headlines of the Apple stuff.

A brief glance seems to indicate that initial reactions to the Xbox E3 conference arent’t particularly good, but I actually think some of it looks fairly promising; voice-recognition in games, Kinect finger-detection – both could be great features if implemented well into games. Microsoft clearly agree with the first part of that, and not so much the second; I love Mass Effect, but I’m not convinced talking to my Xbox is the step forward it needs. Thankfully, these features are optional.

My expectations have always been very low when it comes to integrating Kinect into “core games”, as they’re so often described by marketing idiots, but I genuinely think the ideas aren’t all that disastrous; maybe I’m just relieved that it wasn’t a conference full of announcements for on-rails shooters of franchises I used to enjoy.

Now I just need to sit down and figure out why I was excited about Kincet Fun Labs.

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