I’ve posted at least one fan-made video for the Half-Life series before, but having put off watching the one below for a while yesterday I was blown away by it this morning.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wtIp8jOo8_o]

I’m normally impressed by these fan-made videos, but often because they require skills beyond me and not because they’re as impressive as they’re often made out to be – they’re not bad, I’m just usually more impressed by the quality of them relative to the amount of people/money involved in making them.

The video above impressed me for two reasons: As it states at the start of the video, it’s made from 99% of the original game models etc., so the fact that it looks completely different to how Half-Life plays is entirely down to his editing and (incredible) animating.

The second reason is that it’s made me want to play on Half-Life again over the frankly ridiculous amount of games I’ve been meaning to play on lately, and that’s not easy. I’ll even turn off Project Zomboid. Imagine!

If you haven’t already played on Half-Life, why not take this opportunity! It’s only £6 on Steam (or £9 with a couple of add-ons) and it’ll probably run on your phone these days*. I’ve just seen it got a 96/100 rating on Metacritic too, which is insane and totally justified.

* It won’t actually work on your phone, but it probably has the processing power. If you somehow manage to get it working on your phone, please contact me immediately.

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