So, Project Zomboid is finally here. Sort of, anyway. The guys behind the game I mentioned here in March have, despite everything conspiring against them, released a pre-alpha tech demo for those of us lovely people who pre-ordered the game. It’s a bit addictive.

PayPal and Google checkout issues have caused no end of trouble, server problems made an appearance, and someone decided to share the link for the game with everyone before it was ready, but the tide seems to be turning a little bit now.

Thankfully, it’s great; very, very difficult, but great. For a game with an old-school isometric view and fairly basic graphics, it carries a great deal of atmosphere; line of sight and the background music clearly having a big influence there. Obviously, as it’s a pre-alpha demo there’s a lot missing and one or two bugs, but it’s a very impressive start.

I’m going to play on it again now. Hopefully I won’t get greedy raiding my neighbour’s cupboards and get eaten outside my front door this time. Or set the house on fire by leaving the oven on. This is making me seriously reappraise my Zombie apocalypse plans.

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