There isn’t much I can say about L.A. Noire that Charlie Brooker hasn’t already said:

It feels like a big leap forward in some ways, and slight throwback in others. It’s unique. Am only about 15% into it, but I say get it.

It’s the sort of game you can play with someone else in the room, and rather than being bored shitless, they’ll immediately start joining in

It is odd though, it’s very much a ‘game’. Total immersion one minute; the next you’re very much aware of limitations.

It’s a very strange mix of state-of-the-art and old school: sometimes it’s a bit like playing a LucasArts point-and-click.

The last comment especially is absolutely spot-on; I think it was a reference Charlie made, but it leapt out immediately to me that there was something of Under A Killing Moon about it. Obviously, the film noir aspect is the obvious connection, but in terms of gameplay, there is something else there.

I have found it absolutely wonderful so far, though, despite one or two minor issues. My main worry is how tempted I’ll find myself to buy the inevitable DLC that gets released very soon; I’d like to avoid it on principal, or at least wait until it’s reduced, but I expect I’ll be desperate for more content by the time I’ve finished it.

In summary, I’m impressed. If you’d like more thoughts on how I feel about it, go read Charlie Brooker’s twitter timeline, he got it absolutely right.

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