Today was very much a day of tense sporting events – the Turkish Grand Prix was kicking off at lunchtime, closely followed by the most important game of the season: Man Utd vs. Chelsea.

It’s fairly early on in the F1 season so the nerves were mostly of excitement, despite my expectations of a good result for the McLaren drivers being quite low. Regardless, I was very excited about the race and, despite the amount of overtaking in the race, it was very much a disappointment in terms of the result.

I like Sebastian Vettel, but Red Bull’s dominance so far this season is beginning to worry me a little and is dangerously close to taking the excitement out of the later races. Still, it is very early days and I’m optimistic that Ferrari and McLaren can catch them enough to make things interesting.

It was very likely that the Premiership title would go to whoever won at the Man Utd match, however, so I knew I was going to spend 90 minutes feeling very uncomfortable and edgy. I wasn’t feeling particularly optimistic either, I rarely am when we play Chelsea, but after the Grand Prix disappointment I was beginning to fear it would be a bad day.

Thankfully, Hernandez is a lively little bastard and eased the nerves (very) early on. I thought the worst when Chelsea pulled a goal back and we missed seven or eight hundred brilliant chances, but my pessimism eased into delight as those four injury time minutes passed.

A good day overall, I’d say. Now I’m counting down the days until the Spanish Grand Prix, and for once I’m fairly optimistic about us gaining the one point we need to officially take the title. Sport, eh?

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