I’m finding it really hard to write anything here tonight, mainly because I keep getting distracted by comments and updates on the whole Playstation Network clusterfuck.

If you’re not aware, something that will be difficult over the coming days due to news coverage, Sony’s Playstation Network was hacked and the details of 77 million users has been compromised, possibly including card details. So yeah, disaster.

Since I don’t really have anything of interest to say on the subject, besides that I’m relieved we never got a PS3 when we originally planned, here are some things I read earlier that amused me:

PSN’s down for a week, my credit card info might be stolen, but the most irritating thing about Sony’s service is still the name “Qriocity.”

via @Casey_Malone

Publishers, if you have bad news, now is the time to bury it

via @wyp100

At Sony we believe in an open platform. A very open platform.

via @KazHiraiSCE

And my personal favourite, posted while I was in the process of writing this:

Just spotted a good deal on PSN credit. I think I’ll leave it a bit.

via @SavyGamer

There. That’s a suitably lazy entry for the day.

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