Like most sane people, I hate comment sections on the internet. Youtube is an amazing website; if you’re not a fan of the huge amount of videos, you can find some of the most aggressive, racist, and downright hateful comments on the most unexpected of videos. These people, taking full advantage of anonymity, are vile creatures.

Earlier tonight, though, I found myself giggling like an evil genius because I had managed to wind someone up using the power of the internet. I should stress that it wasn’t by being vile and racist; I just called someone I don’t know a cunt.

How do you feel about Jennifer Aniston? Liked her in Friends, but not really thought about her since? Thought so. Someone I follow on Twitter had mentioned earlier that he once called her a cunt and found himself bombarded by maniacs sending him abuse. After mentioning this, it seems that a few of those maniacs had come back to defend her honour again:

If i had a $ for every smart thing you tweet i’d be really poor man.

U should all start acting like adults.This parody is the reason that Jennifer will never join twitter

It was the tweet above that pushed me over the edge, as if it was supposed to make me feel bad for saying what I had said, which up to this point had been:

Jesus, that account is incredible. I don’t even think Jennifer Aniston cares that much about Jennifer Aniston.

So, I did something that I normally hate people doing online; I sent a reply with the intention of annoying him:

You think so? Well, she is a cunt then.

I don’t think she’s a cunt. I couldn’t care any less about her, but there’s something very strange about someone searching for the name of an actress on Twitter and sending messages to anyone who insults them. I couldn’t help myself.

I left it at that though, besides laughing at the bizarre replies that came in every now and then, including one directed at those of us who founds this defensiveness quite strange:

Hope u all enjoy the rest of your pathetic life!

And one directed to just me:

Hey Ash!You look like an ass and i am always blocking ugly asses!

I think what I’m trying to say, is that I find it very strange that people can feel so passionately about a fairly mediocre actress. Also, that calling Jennifer Aniston on Twitter is hilarious and very, very strange.

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