I don’t actually recall why, but last week I ended up putting this on:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxKtZmQgxrI]

I’ve had it bookmarked for ages and I guess I put it off since it’s 70 minutes long in total, but I watched a few of the videos and got hooked. It’s a really good video, not just for fans of Star Wars – I certainly wouldn’t consider myself one – but for anyone who enjoys film and/or comedy.

Since then, I’ve had an urge to watch the original films again. I’m human, so I’ve obviously seen them before, but I never really recall what happens beyond the obvious stuff, and I can usually sum it up in a single sentence; I thought it would be nice to remember why and how some of that stuff happened.

So, it turns out I genuinely enjoyed A New Hope, and I was enjoying The Empire Strikes Back, up until my girlfriend came home and “needed” to watch American Idol. I’m a bit confused as to why I’m so surprised by this, though; Maybe I remembered how bored I was during The Phantom Menace and just assumed I forgot about the earlier films because they too were as exciting as a Post Office queue. Either way, I’m looking forward to watching the original trilogy again, while bracing myself for the others.

Next up, 2001: A Space odyssey. I will get through that list.

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