Addicted to Words (with friends)

At the moment I have 83 games on my Steam account – a rather embarrassing number of which I’ve never finished – but one particular game has got it’s hooks into me lately: Words with Friends.

I’ve had it on my phone for many, many months now, but over the last few weeks I’ve been playing against more of the people I follow and who follow me on Twitter, and I can’t get enough. I’m still shit, and I really hate losing*, but I’m hopelessly addicted to asking for yet another rematch.

I encourage anyone who doesn’t have it already – I think it’s out on Blackberry and other phones now – to get it, and if you already do, then challenge me. My nickname/username thingy is GetUpKidAK.

* I’m insanely competitive, but, thankfully, I’m quite a gracious loser. Unless it’s on Xbox Live, then I hate the squeaky-voiced little bastard.

1 thought on “Addicted to Words (with friends)

  1. Its out on every platform, except blackberry! the android version is tosh and crashes all the time but its *just* about playable. Im tmwarren85 (original) will challenge you to a game when im not so pissed!

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