I’ve been moving one of the sites I’ve been working on over to WordPress and it’s been a little bit more complicated than I thought it would be, it’s given me a bit of a headache. I’ll forgive it when it’s done though, it’s easily one of the most satisfying parts of building a site; I suspect that’s mostly because it’s almost always the last part though.

I’ve been getting ridiculously excited about the release of Portal 2 lately. It started about a week ago when I realised that it wasn’t a million months away anymore, but it’s been building rather rapidly since then, and it certainly wasn’t helped by Steam notifying me that one of my friends was playing on the PS3 version earlier (it’s his job, too).

So, since my brain is completely fried, here’s a video that made me do a smile:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZMSAzZ76EU]

Want, want, want!

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