I got around to finishing Singularity earlier and planned to write some further thoughts on it, but first I planned on buying a drill and putting the retractable washing line up. There was no particular rush to get it up, but I said that about a year ago when we bought it, so I thought it was about time.

About 40 minutes later, I’d managed to drill three holes in the wall – one about 10mm deep (wouldn’t go any deeper), one that was considerably longer than the wall plug (but still kept mangling it to pieces), and another that actually did what I wanted to. It wasn’t a particularly successful effort so far…then I felt a bit of drizzle. Fantastic.

Feeling a little bit annoyed and dejected, I put the tools back at the top of the cellar and had to double-take when my eye caught the curtain pole. “That doesn’t look straight,” I thought. “Maybe it’s the shadow; it’s getting dark,” I told myself. It wasn’t, it was this:

Oh, good. I’d had problems with that wall plug and had to use one fractionally smaller; the screw had tightened up alright, but the hole was very slightly too big for it. At a guess, I think the vibration from my rather unsuccessful attempt to drill on the other side of the wall had managed to shake it a little loose, then gravity did the rest, the bastard.

Thankfully, it didn’t fall before I’d moved the PC monitor out of the way, and I managed to take it down without killing myself, but it’s fair to say that today went downhill a little bit after I got my new drill. I hate DIY.

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