I’ve been a little busy at work tonight so I’ve not had a chance to think about much else, including what to write here, so instead of staring at the screen for about 20 minutes, then giving up and posting a crap picture of something dull, I’ll share a few links I enjoyed today.

First of all, Valve have been expertly building up to the release of Portal 2 with some excellent trailers lately, but I particularly enjoyed the first few images in VG247’s post.

I am getting ridiculously excited about Portal 2 now, to the point where it makes me almost indifferent about the lack of an Episode 3. But Valve, let’s at least announce it soon though, yeah?

Second up is one of the funniest 404 pages I’ve seen in a good while. For those who aren’t aware, a 404 is the error code sent when a page couldn’t be found on a web server.


The last link is not likely to be of interest to anyone else, but it’s something I’ll be giving a whirl soon; it’s called Lorempixum. During the design process of a site I’ll often use placeholder text until the final copy is done, this dummy text is often called Lorem Ipsum text. It’s basically just a chunk of latin text, and it’s very helpful.

Lorempixum is a similar thing, but with images. I had a little play with it earlier and it looked ok, though it will take something special to know placehold.it off it’s perch. So, yeah, it’s Lorempixum.

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