I’m fending it genuinely difficult to write here lately, it’s mostly during my days off, so I suspect it’s a combination of laziness and a lack of engaging my brain. Today is not exception, I’m afraid, so because I got see her today and because I’ve just looked and my phone and seen them, here are some videos of Molly, my Mum and Dad’s adorable dog.

I’ve been laughing at this first video for about 10 minutes now, mainly because of the noise she makes when she turns her head at the start.


Anyone who follows me on Twitter may recognize the curtain attacking Molly as the bed that my Mum didn’t buy her last week:

The next video mainly makes me smile because Molly only really barks when she either really needs to go out, or when you bark at her. This is the latter.


And finally, a picture I completely forgot I took. Molly as Elvis:

I would apologise to those of you who don’t like dogs, but, well, you’re monsters. She’s only been gone a week and I miss the little sod like crazy. Still, she’s coming to say next weekend again. You might want to avoid this site for a while if you didn’t like this entry.

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