Tonight we went to see Richard Herring for the fourth time in as many years. It’s become something of a yearly tradition now; Come March we’ll be heading the the Memorial Hall, safe in the knowledge that he won’t disappoint.

I’ve been a big fan of Rich for ages now – I loved Fist of Fun and TMWRNJ at the time, though I remember very little now – and despite growing tired of many things during my 27 years on this earth, his particular brand of comedy has always stuck with me. The obvious answer would be to say that we have a similar sense of humour, but that would be far too easy. Plus it would only be about 120 words, so fuck that.

We went to see Russell Howard recently, and I enjoyed it; despite feeling like I shouldn’t, I quite like him, but of all the comedians I’ve seen over the past few years, he disappointed me the most. It wasn’t the worst gig I’ve been to, but the jokes felt improvised and unorganised and I found it quite distracting.

Rich’s shows are exactly that: shows. A lot of care and attention is put into them, with room for improvisation and knitting needle-based heckler put-downs*, obviously, but it isn’t just a vaguely linked series of jokes, it’s a well written routine designed to make you think about a subject you may or may not have held an opinion on before. Y’know, while making you laugh like an idiot.

Plus, if you don’t like comedians that are a) funny, or 2) clever and thoughtful, then you should go see him because he raised £25,000 for Scope last year on his Hitler Moustache tour. If you don’t go see him now, I can only assume that you’re some sort of bigot with no sense humour. You’re probably a dirty racist too, aren’t you? You disgust me.

* Sorry, you really had to be there. One of the strangest comments I have ever heard shouted at a comedian, followed by the funniest 5 minutes of improvised reply I’ve heard.

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