I’m utterly bereft of ideas tonight, and I don’t seem to be able to muster the energy to inspire myself. I barely even have the energy to watch the video I’ve been meaning to watch for the past couple of hours. Just a warning, tonight’s entry will likely be short and shit.

I have evenings like this every so often; frustrated by wanting to do something, but feeling completely unable to motivate myself to do it, but there’s another phase that frustrates me even more – I have an awful habit of wanting to do something creative, but never being able to decide what.

I’ve dabbled with game level design, iOS development, web design and scriptwriting, and I’m shit at them all; I don’t necessarily mean that to be entirely self-deprecating though, as I think that if I focused on one of these things I may actually get to a decent level, or at least would have had I stuck with it a long time ago.

One day I’ll find some way to be a little creative, in a way that’s easy, and earn some decent money, but until then I’ll just have to make do with annoying myself by pissing around for 20 minutes and moving onto the next thing. Or I’ll do the sensible thing and design some websites. Who needs one? I’m cheap!

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