It felt strange not writing an entry yesterday (due to being all broked, for those who aren’t aware), but in a way it was quite enjoyable, mostly in the ‘I’m going to play some more Bioshock because I haven’t for a while’ kind of way, but still.

Of course this means that I have to write two entries today because there wasn’t much chance of me sitting in the living room and writing one while my girlfriend started watching Sex and the City, starting from the pilot and working her way through the entire series. I hate the idiot that bought her that box set. Oh.

The Steam sales struck again yesterday; after being reminded on Twitter about a recent purchase – ‘A game I’ve already finished and almost certainly had enough of? For 75% off? SOLD! – a worryingly similar situation arose: Batman: Arkham Asylum for £3.75. I was very late to the party with Batman: AA; I loved the demo, and a few of my friends that had picked it up were obsessed with it for a short while, but I just never got around to playing on it before I forgot it existed. I borrowed it a while back, though, and finished it shortly after. I can confirm that it’s fucking superb.

So, despite having played and finished it only a few months ago, and quite recently attempting a playthrough on the hardest difficulty, which lasted about 6 and a half minutes, I decided that I’d quite like to own it. I also suspect reading fellow One-a-Dayer Ian’s post on PC gaming being dead (or not) and wanting to immediately play on a PC game also nudged me heavily in the direction of buying it. I BLAME HIM.

It’s not all bad though; I now own Batman: Arkham Asylum**, which can only be a good thing, and about 25 years ago I bought Bioshock for £3 and I’ve definitely played on that since I bought it. You can’t argue with science.

* Don’t judge me, writing titles is easily the worst thing about writing these posts. I’m going to go the None More Black way soon, and just start posting Seinfeld quotes for titles.

** It’s also the GOTY*** edition, though I have no idea what is different between the two versions.

*** That’s Game of the Year for you non-gamer people. Weirdos.

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  1. Steam is great. I still haven’t completed Braid yet, but I aim to. And when that’s done I’ll go on another Steam spree and treat myself to some point and click goodness.

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