I’ve been out and about a little bit today, more so than my days usually entail anyway, so after getting home again and having something to eat I was all set to relax. We watched Take Me Out like you all do (ALL OF YOU) and Em decided to watch the recording of Jurassic Park 2 she’s set going earlier. I decided to do something very unusual for me and play on a Call of Duty game.

It was all very nice and cosy – the dog was even snoring her little head off, bless her – but something was nagging at me and I couldn’t quite place was it was. Until about 5 minutes ago, that is. I must have started about 5 entries with “I almost forgot to write an entry, what a fucking idiot I am”, but at least it crept into my unconscious and nagged at me until I broke, eh? There’s always that.

I’m still a little surprised that I’ve managed to write as many entries as I have here; even with the awful picture/video posts, I’ve written more here than I thought I would. I’m still a little worried about what I’ll do when I head to France at the end of June, since I can barely manage to get entries done now, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Possibly.

I may have to spend some time thinking of decent ideas for posts, instead of the half-arsed ideas post I have now. God, this is far too much like work sometimes. It’s a good job I’m a stubborn bastard.

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