I think it’s finally happened. Despite being completely useless and of no value whatsoever, I have, on many occasions, played on a game to get achievements. I’m a competitive person and those meaningless numbers drew me in and made me look a fool, but no more! Sort of.

See, last night I started playing on Bioshock on the PC for what must be the 30th time; I haven’t finished it 29 times and really enjoy it, I just can’t seem to get past the start before my mind wanders and I lose interest. But last night I got past the point I’ve done 29 times before, and it was wonderful. I deleted the Xbox version from my Lovefilm rental list and felt a little twinge of excitement about PC gaming again.

I’d like to say that I’ll happily and enthusiastically buy the PC version of any upcoming multiplatform titles being released, but it is fairly dependent on my PC being able to handle said game – it handles Crysis quiet well, so I hope it’s not an issue – and whether or not there is a multiplayer or co-op portion of the game that I’d play with my Xbox Live friends. I won’t let the fact that the Xbox version has those dirty little bloops included influence the decision though, something that has influenced my slightly before.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still try to earn them when I’m on the Xbox, but I won’t be pushing myself through the pain (boredom) barrier to get them anymore. I might even go out of my way on a game to get them, but only if it involves playing on the game, and not some weird, vaguely related task; I started my recent Mass Effect 2 insanity playthrough in part because I wanted to get the achievement, but at least that just meant playing through the game again – something I wanted to do anyway – and didn’t involve creating five save files with different characters or something stupid. It actually worked out brilliantly anyway, as I’ve never enjoyed the game more (just don’t even get me started on the final boss – ARGH).

PC gaming was good to me during those years that I didn’t own a console (almost the entire PS2 generation, and start of the Xbox 360 generation), and it’s good to be back. Even if I am using an Xbox pad. IT STILL COUNTS.

This has also made me realise how criminally underplayed the Left 4 Dead games have been on my PC. If you have them on Steam, let me know your username – or let me know anyway. Borderlands GOTY edition is looking likely soon. Exciting.

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