Our living room currently looks (and sounds) like a world record attempt for most power consumption in one room; in the far corner there’s a small lamp, and ahead of me is a large TV and an Xbox 360 which my girlfriend is using; I’m sat in front of a Macbook Pro, and to my immediate right is a large lamp, situated next to a PC monitor and the PC itself, which contains what must be the loudest PSU known to man.

Having most of this stuff in your house/flat probably isn’t that uncommon, but having this all in one room is a bit unnecessary, right? Yes. Abso-fucking-lutely. At one point earlier this evening a lightbulb lit above my head when I realised I could fit the PC and monitor beside the side of the sofa, unfortunately now that I’ve moved it, I don’t really remember why I thought it was such a good idea. I do really fancy playing on Bioshock now though, and that’s been long overdue.

This situation is why I shouldn’t be allowed to own a house*. Back when I lived at home, or when I lived out of a room in a shared house, I could arrange my bedroom into these ridiculous arrangements and it was ok – it was my private little space – but it’s not really normal in a living room, is it? If either of our parents called us and said they were coming over, I’d move it all back because I know it’s ridiculous and it would be embarrassing if someone saw it**. For tonight, though, I’m leaving this loud-as-a-fucking-jet-engine PC here.

When I finish work in an hour or so, I’m going to sit on my sofa and play on Bioshock on PC while my girlfriend plays on Fallout 3 on the Xbox. This is a fucking brilliant idea!

* I did fix the toilet by taking the system apart and putting it back together earlier though. just like a real person.

** Writing it here is fine, though. I’ll just deny it if you tell anyone, so there!

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