I had planned on taking a few pictures during the party for today’s entry, but as often happens when I’ve had a drink or seven, I forgot. I do recall having my picture taken while leaning on a chair, so it looked like I had a peg leg. AHAHA. LIKE A PIRATE!

I think the greatest thing to come out of last night, though, was waking up this morning dehydrated but completely free of hangover. I honestly don’t remember the last time that happened, and I certainly wasn’t in any state to make any effort to avoid it last night either. I win!

After failed attempts to watch Blade Runner (amazing afternoon nap) and Inception (sleeping girlfriend), I’m now going to start reading this:

Or I will if I can find the strength to pick the huge bastard up.

It appears this whole “Lazy Sunday” thing has bled into this entry. Ah, well.

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