I really enjoyed looking through that massive box of CDs from yesterday, and not just because it gave me an idea for a blog post. It also got me listening to some bands for the first time in years, and rather impressively, it got me wanting – WANTING – to play my guitar. I’ve picked it up twice in two days, which is roughly one million percent more than I have done in the last few years. I’m still shockingly bad, mind. Though I was always shockingly bad and I’m not likely to improve by not playing it. Still, I’m playing it and enjoying it, so that’s a start.

The best thing about this lovely box of CDs though, is that it made me realise how much I used to love music. There was a time when I couldn’t get through a day without listening to a good few hours of music, and in recent years I probably don’t listen to an album’s worth in a week. I have no idea why either. Last night, I spent a few hours last night with my headphones on blasting White Pony out at an almost uncomfortable volume, and it was fantastic. I even got a little bit excited about the stunning drum sound at the start of ‘Feiticeira’, and that Ash hasn’t been around for a while.

In fact, if I wasn’t working I’d be doing a very similar thing with the two Millencolin albums I haven’t heard for an age. Then there’s Wilhelm Scream. Oh, and then I’ll listen to the Antimaniax album I used to love. Then there’s…oh, you get the point. I’m off to see Ben Folds on Saturday too, something I would have been looking forward to anyway. I’m practically giddy now, though. It’s exciting this music lark!

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